Assessing the costs of on-site sanitation facilities

TITLE: Assessing the costs of on-site sanitation facilities

AUTHOR(S): Ulrich L, Salian P, Saul C, Justrich S & Luthi C

YEAR: 2016

ABSTRACT: This report seeks to answer why sanitation facilities such as ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines and other dry toilets are much more expensive in sub-Saharan Africa than in Asia through an examination of the main factors that lead to increased costs. On average, African sanitation facilities are three times more expensive than examples in Asia due to the high cost of materials, the lack of prefabricated or mass produced toilet components and the informality of the construction sector dominated by micro-entrepreneurs. 

Costs of the analysed on-site options (VIP latrines and lined single pit latrines) are greater than households' willingness to pay in urban sub-Saharan Africa and financing mechanisms like public subsidies will be required if substantial progress is to be made in sanitation uptake.