Urbanisation and development: emerging futures

TITLE: Urbanisation and Development: Emerging Futures

AUTHOR(S): Moreno E, Arimah B, Otieno Otieno R, Mbeche-Smith U, Klen-Amin A, Kamiya M, Stren R, McCarney P, Tipple G, Balakrishnan S, Castán-Broto V, Pieterse E, Stiftel B, McCord Smith A, Roberts B, Kanaley T & Cohen M

YEAR: 2016

ABSTRACT: Although urbanisation has the potential to make cities more prosperous and countries more developed, many cities all over the world are grossly unprepared for the multidimensional challenges associated with urbanisation. Generally, urbanisation has relied on a model that is unsustainable in many respects: environmentally, socially and economically. All these challenges are compounded by the failure to create appropriate institutions and legal structures to promote sustainable urbanisation.

Indeed, poorly planned and managed urbanisation - which translates into low densities, separation of land uses, mismatch between infrastructure provision and residential concentration, and inadequate public space and street networks, among others - diminishes the potential of leveraging economies of scale and agglomeration.

In terms of water and sanitation, sections 3.5 and 5.1 are particularly relevant, but infrastructure and access needs for both are mentioned throughout the report.