Projecting progress: the SDGs in Asia and the Pacific

TITLE: Projecting progress: the SDGs in Asia and the Pacific

AUTHOR(S): Nicolai S, Hoy C, Bhatkal T & Aedy T

YEAR: 2016

ABSTRACT: This paper shows how Asia and the Pacific is likely to progress across the SDG agenda by 2030, if current trends continue. The region's progress sets it up well to continue making gains, but there are a number of goals and targets that will not be met without major new effort.

More than two-thirds of Asia-Pacific countries are expected to meet the target of halving the proportion of population without access to safe drinking water, with the share falling from 28% to 7% over the past 15 years. Yet progress on sanitation has been much slower, with the share of people without access to adequate sanitation falling by only 37%. Today, 42% of the population, amounting to around 1.7 billion people - with a disproportionate share in India - still lack access to sanitation.