Boosting revenue collection through taxing High Net Worth Individuals: the case of Uganda

TITLE: Boosting Revenue Collection through Taxing High Net Worth Individuals: The Case of Uganda

AUTHOR(S): Kangave J, Nakato S, Waiswa R, Lumala Zzimbe P.

YEAR: 2016

The ICTD’s Working Paper 45 explores the potential for the Ugandan Revenue Authority to increase the country’s low tax-to-GDP ratio by taxing the High Net Worth Individuals who have so far not met their tax obligations. To a certain extent, Uganda’s level of tax revenue collection is bound by the structure of the country’s economy: the informal sector is extensive and cash transactions are ubiquitous. However, the report does suggest a number of ways to increase the tax collected from HNWIs, such as examining the legislative and administrative frameworks surrounding taxation, suggesting opportunities for collaboration with other government agencies and mechanisms to improve information sharing.