Investments to end poverty: 2015

TITLE: Investments to end poverty 2015

AUTHOR: Development Initiatives

YEAR: 2015


ABSTRACT: Ending extreme poverty over the next 15 years will be a much more difficult task than halving it has been. When data is disaggregated it shows that people are being left behind. Many of the world’s poorest countries need a significant change in trajectory if they are to see an end to poverty. National institutions are best placed to end poverty but have fewer resources where the challenge of ending poverty is greatest. Developing countries cannot end poverty alone and international assistance is critical where poverty is deepest. The international community has a range of tools that can support countries and we need to better understand the comparative advantages of all resources and the role they can play in getting poverty to zero. Official development assistance (ODA) remains the most important international resource for ending poverty yet we need to improve the way it is targeted towards that goal. But all of this demands much better data because today’s data is not fit for getting poverty to zero. There is an urgent need to revolutionise the data on who and where the poorest people are, how deep their poverty is, the services they have access to, and the full mix of resources that could lift them sustainably out of poverty.

Chapter 3, on domestic public resources (pp.25-36), is particularly relevant to Public Finance for WASH.